Tumz Seafood has been serving its delicious seafood since 2017. The restaurant started on a much smaller space inside the market, but the response of our patrons made it possible to expand our business very rapidly. On May 2019, we have proudly acquired our new shop inside the biggest market in Phuket – The Chaofa Weekend Market.

Since the beginning of our new operation, we have our focus on 3 main goals:

  1. To offer our patrons with the best quality and freshest seafood available in the market
  2. To provide our clients a great market experience – while still inside a traditional Thai market, we make sure you have the highest cleaning standards as well as comfortable tables, chairs and fans.
  3. To value your preference by delivering value for money in all our dishes.
Table Tumz Seafood Restaurant Phuket
We want you to feel comfortable at Tumz...
Seafood table at Tumz Restaurant
So that you can enjoy all our signature dishes
Tum Kha Gai Thai Soup in Coconut
Like this special Tom Kha Gai, served inside a fresh cut coconut
Squid Calamari Garlic Tumz Seafood Restaurant
And the outstanding Garlic Squid!

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